Chrissy Teigan Calls Out Kardashian Critics On Twitter

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Chrissy Teigan Calls Out Kardashian Critics On Twitter Photo

by Kelsey Duchesne | 10/04/2016

As soon as the news about Kim Kardashian’s robbery spread, spectators were quick to give all of their (unsolicited) opinions on whether or not Kim Kardashian deserved to be robbed at gunpoint (short answer: no. long answer: not at all.) Chrissy Teigen, a close friend of Kardashian’s and a vocal Twitter maven, was quick to point out how Kardashian’s fame is playing an unfortunate bias in the public's reaction.

Once she began defending Kardashian, Teigen tweeted "Fame is interesting. Celebs are supposed to love you guys while also knowing you'd make a meme of our dead bodies to get retweets." A troll responded "Don't sign up". Teigen was quick to respond "Short Skirt", reminding us that “she was asking for it” is still a troubling narrative that are pushed onto women who are in threatening or compromising situations.

Teigan’s response is clear that she doesn’t expect people to start a GoFundMe for Kim Kardashian, you don’t even have to like her. However, when a woman is robbed at gunpoint and threatened with her life, it’s important to talk about it with respect, no matter who it is. Kim Kardashian is a privileged women, and that’s a fact, but that doesn’t mean she deserved to be violated more or less than anyone else.

by Kelsey Duchesne

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