Film Producers Sue Amber Heard for Allegedly Objecting to Scenes With Nudity

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Film Producers Sue Amber Heard for Allegedly Objecting to Scenes With Nudity Photo

by Kelsey Duchesne | 11/22/2016

Actress Amber Heard has been sued by the producers of her 2015 film London Fields__. Variety has reported that this lawsuit has expressed that Heard has costed the film over 10 million dollars for allegedly "sabotaging" the film. What exactly did Heard do to sabotage the film, you ask? According to reports, her difficult behavior included objecting to several written nude and sex scenes and not properly promoting the film. (Oh yeah, we're sure it was the lack of nude Heard scenes that solidified the 28% rating on Metacritic. Mmm...we think not.)

"Heard understood the nature of the role… and the tenor of the screenplay, which was salacious, provocative, and contained nude scenes," the lawsuit states. While we understand the nature of signing a contract and committing to a character, which has been labelled as "promiscuous psychic about to be murdered",  we wonder if the producers consulted Heard on why she did not want to do he scenes. Something tells us Heard is talented enough where she could have been proactive and salacious without be naked or taking part in a sex scene on screen.

Aside from Heart disagreeing about certain scenes, it has been reported that she did not participate in post-production duties, such as dialogue replacement, and did not assist in promoting the film. It has also been speculated that Heard sided with the director, Matthew Cullen, over the producers throughout filming. Ultimately, the project was taken away from Cullen.

It's difficult to truly grasp what happened on this film set, but we do know that at the time Heard was married to Johnny Depp, a man who has allegedly physically and emotionally abused her. We do not want to add to any theories of why Heard may or may not have wanted to be naked or partake in sex scenes on camera, but we're sure that she made these decisions as a professional who needed to put her personal well-being first. As spectators, we simply can't fault her for that.

by Kelsey Duchesne

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