Make America Ferrera Again Is Our Favorite Slogan. Case Closed.

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Make America Ferrera Again Is Our Favorite Slogan. Case Closed. Photo

by Team Thinx | 10/25/2016

Let’s be real-- our 2016 election has produced some pretty catchy phrases. Feel The Bern, Nasty Woman, and Make America Ferrera Again are some personal faves. The last one may sound a little new to you, but just wait-- America Ferrera Will Be sweeping the nation!

Actress America Ferrera didn’t start this trend (although we wouldn’t blame her if she did), but started seeing #MakeAmericaFerreraAgain popping up on Twitter. Ferrera enjoyed the the slogan, and aside from it being catchy, thought about it’s actual significance. “What it means to me, especially now in this election season, is to make this election personal to you, make politics personal to you,” she said at the Rebecca Minkoff x America Ferrera event. “For me, it’s about engagement, it’s about caring, it’s about daring to get invested in this election process and in the issues that impact your life.”

We’re sure Ferreras response deeply resonated with many Americans. 2016 has the highest amount of registered voters in history, and with women's and minorities rights at stake, the election has felt entirely personal. Ferrera decided to take the playful hashtag and up the anty, by pairing with designer Rebecca Minkoff to design a Make America Ferrera Again shirt. It took the pair just 48 hours to create the shirt, and is now being sold on Minkoff’s website, with 20% of the proceeds going to Rock The Vote.

“When you hear about rights that are being taken away, you might want to get up and vote,” Minkoff said at the event. “I think now, more than ever, it’s important to make our voices heard, so it was a no-brainer for me to say, yes."

A shirt that supports Rock The Vote, voter engagement, and America Ferrera? Express shipping, please!

by Team Thinx

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