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Meet Andrea Yip, Creator of The Period Coloring Book

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Meet Andrea Yip, Creator of The Period Coloring Book Photo

by Team Thinx | 11/14/2016

Andrea Yip has found a creative way to to embrace all of the ups and downs of periods — putting colored pencils to paper! A public health practitioner by day and passionate period advocate around the clock, Yip created the Period Coloring Book, where different stages and aspects of the period are covered, from underwear stains (unless you're wearin' THINX, of course) to your heightened libido. 

"I was inspired to illustrate people’s experiences with periods after speaking to fellow bleeders and hearing their stories," Andrea shared with us through email. "The book has been an incredible way to intimately connect with others on a topic that I am passionate about. Periods are amazing. They help us keep in touch with our bodies, bond us with our fellow bleeders, track time and cyclical changes, and are experienced in so many different ways".

Yip didn't shy away from some taboo topics (we were pretty pleased to hear that. Shocking, we know.). "Period sex is an image that I wanted to include, mostly because it’s a taboo topic and can be difficult to openly talk about," Yip wrote. "Generally, I wanted the images to be relatable and represent different types of bodies and people who menstruate." Yip even sat on the toilet to demonstrate period poops, while her partner took photos to capture the faux agony. "I wanted to make it fun and light and actually posed on the toilet just to get the right angle. Kudos to my partner for doing a mini photo shoot of me sitting on the toilet!", Yip wrote.

The book covers all stages, beginning from your very first period. Yip feels that the monthly trials and tribulations of a period will resonate with women of all ages. "The book really speaks to bleeders in their teens, 20s and 30s. However, to my delight, I have found that the coloring book has generated interest with a range of folks. Bleeders and non-bleeders of all ages have reached out to me with stories and ideas," Yip wrote.

Yip's coloring book is not available *yet* but you could get one of the first copies by donating to her Indie Gogo campaign. Happy coloring!

by Team Thinx

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