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by Team Thinx | 09/27/2016

Katy Perry Votes Naked Because It’s Her Constitutional Right (jk!) 

Katy Perry has teamed up with Funny or Die to remind you that you can vote on November 8th no matter how you look or what you’re wearing-- you can even vote naked! Okay, well, no, Ms.Perry didn’t read the constitution as carefully as one should, but her point is clear: Don’t make excuses, just roll out of bed and go vote.  

Perry, who has been very vocal throughout the election and campaigning for Hillary Clinton, encourages people to vote, even if they look like sh*t.

“November 8th is Election Day and I’ve got some great news,” Perry said. “This year, you can look like shit when you vote. Yep, I’ve briefly scanned the constitution and nowhere does it say you can’t just roll out of bed and come to the polls in whatever state you woke up in. In the name of democracy, any just-out-of-bed look is a-okay.” 

Perry proudly strides to the polls in her pajamas with lollipop and popcorn-ridden hair, and highlight everyone's early morning poll outfits, from zit-cream to oversized tee-shirt nightgowns (aka our at-home uniform).

“Or, if you’re like me, I sleep naked!” Perry says, stripping her pajamas off. After the cops show up to arrest Perry and inform her that voting naked is, in fact, not in the constitution, Perry clears a few things up with the viewers. “Scratch that, you gotta wear clothes, my bad. See you at the polls November 8th!”

The video was released on Voter Registration Day, prompting everyone to do a little prepping before the big day.  Have you registered to vote (or is it on your list, in your Google calendar, etc.)? Click here to register to vote and take the voting pledge at, and watch the video below!

Katy Perry Votes Naked from Funny Or Die

Gigi Hadid Speaks About Street Harassment

The video of model Gigi Hadid getting picked up by a stranger after a fashion show in Milan, while being surrounded by bystanders and bodyguards, is disturbing. Disturbing that even in broad daylight, in front of fans and cameras and large man literally hired to ward off threatening advances, woman can still be physically harassed. They can be picked up, without their permission, like a doll; an object. What was not disturbing (and rather inspiring) about this unfortunate event was the immediate response by Hadid. As soon as she was picked up, she began to yell, and used her elbow to jab the predator. She went into immediate action before her body guard or fans, and actually scared the attacker enough to drop her and scurry away. “Who the fuck are you? You peice of shit!” she yelled at him, walking toward him as her bodyguard grabbed her arm to hold her back. “Can you go find that guy?” she asks the bodyguard as she entered her car.

This week, Hadid spoke to Lena Dunham at Lenny Letter about her attack, and the sexist reporting that has accompanied it. “The first article that was posted about the incident was headlined: “Not model behavior. Gigi aggressively lashes out and elbows fan in the face after he tries to pick her up. The supermodel angrily hit an unknown man before running to her car.” That’s when I really got pissed,” said Hadid. “First of all, it was a woman who wrote the story with that headline. What would you tell your daughter to do? If my behavior isn’t model behavior, then what is? What would you have told your daughter to do in that situation?”

Indeed. We are still living in a society where women to not have the privilege of feeling safe while walking alone (and I guess now, not even walking with a bodyguard). Dunham reported: “In 2014, Gallup’s annual Crime Survey revealed that 37 percent of American adults would feel unsafe walking alone near their home at night. Forty-five percent of women expressed this fear, compared to 27 percent of men. These statistics spike upwards in developing nations.”

If women do not have the luxury (or, ya know, basic human right) of feeling safe in their surroundings, then they should not be ridiculed or reprimanded for using or learning self defense in a time of need.

Bella Thorne Celebrates Bi-Visibility Day

Bella Thorne spoke out about Bi-Visibility day on September 23rd, and took to her social media accounts to celebrate.

 The openly bisexual actress posted a photo of her and her best friend, Bella Pendergast, sleeping together in a sleeping bag. “Its #BiWeek everyday is an amazing day to celebrate our individuality and true self! Happy #bivisibilityday” she Tweeted. Pendergast is the ex girlfriend of Thorne’s brother, and while photos of the two kidding sparked dating rumors, Thorne has confirmed the two are best buds. Thorne also posted a grid addressing common ignorant bi-sexual stereotypes, stating “Bisexual aren’t invalid, bisexuals aren't confused, bisexuals are not indecisive, bisexuality isn’t a phase.”

Thorne has additionally fielded questions from spectators on social media regarding her sexual orientation. When someone asked how Thorne could be bisexual if she had only ever kissed another woman, she replied “I didn’t say I hadn’t?” (but like, even if she had, why does someone else get to validate another person's sexuality? Sexuality should never have to be explained or proven.) Thorne doesn’t give a straight answer because –hello – she doesn’t need to!

Happy Bi-Week to all! To celebrate, don’t forget to read Emma from THINX’s post on bi-visibility!

The MLB Sanctioned Series Pitch Stars A Woman Of Color

On Thursday, Fox will premiere the series Pitch. Pitch is the first television show to ever be sponsored by the Major League Baseball, and will be starring Kylie Bunbury, talented actress and a woman of color. Praise be, my friends, praise be.

Pitch centers around Bunbury’s character Ginny Baker, a minor league pitcher who is moved to the major league to pitch for the San Diego Padres. Because the MLB is authorising the show, we can expect real teams and fields to be represented in the show, making this milestone just a little sweeter.  It has been rumored that Ginny Baker is inspired by Mo'ne Davis, one of two girls who played in the 2014 Little League World Series. Davis is a pitcher, and was the first person to ever pitch a shutout (i.e. the opposing team never scored!) in the series.

It’s no surprise that major league sports has always been male dominated, and to see the MLB championing a show about perseverance with a female protagonist, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we will see a woman on an MLB lineup in the near future.The end of the trailer does state “A True Story...On The Verge Of Happening.” It sounds like we’re all on the same page.

Jennifer Aniston Doesn't Need You To Be #TeamJen

As you probably (most definitely) know, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced their divorce last Tuesday, after 2 years of marriage and 12 years together. The public was dumbfounded by the proclamation, but recovered in time to create a bonus narrative that didn’t directly have to do with the divorce: Pitt’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston.

It has been heavily speculated that Pitt cheated on Aniston with Jolie while they shot their movie Mr. And Mrs. Smith. While this has never been entirely confirmed by Pitt (though based on the timeline is too coincidental to be untrue), Brad and Jen officially divorced 11 years ago. Despite this, everyone has pulled out their #TeamJen shirts and gone into a meme frenzy. Aniston trended on Twitter, popped up all over the news, and her face landed on the cover of the New York Post. Her husband of two years, Justin Theroux, was even asked about the split (which he responded to politely, but like, why would you ask him that? What did you think he was actually going to say?) While it’s nice that we all want to support wealthy, successful, happily married Jennifer Aniston, I would like to gently point out that she doesn’t need you to be #TeamJen. Frankly, my dears, I highly doubt she gives a damn.

While I don’t believe this story needs a “Leave Jen alone!” type of response, I do feel that pushing her back into this narrative, one that she detached herself from so long ago, is feeding into an idea that Jennifer Aniston is craving some sort of revenge. That her self worth or happiness is tied into the demise of her ex-husbands marriage. If this was true, I doubt Aniston would be have been able to continue and re-shape her career, take on challenging roles, or fall in love. I doubt she would be the well-spoken, confident woman we admire today.

In an essay she wrote for The Huffington Post titled For The Record, Aniston talks about the way her body is scrutinized by the media. She talks about how people are complete as themselves, and a mate or child is not a determining factor. “We get to determine our own “happily ever after” for ourselves,” Aniston wrote. I believe she has.

by Team Thinx

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