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The Morning After: Notes From THINX

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The Morning After: Notes From THINX Photo

by Team Thinx | 11/09/2016


As fucking furious and petty and self-righteous and desperate as I (and I know I'm not alone) am feeling right now, the only thing I really want to say is that, while my heart is breaking, my love for every single one of you people reading this is renewed, tenfold.

I always thought former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's campaign was much more radical than we ever gave her credit for; she campaigned on a platform of "love and kindness"--her words, not mine. That's revolutionary. That's feminist. The notion that we can uplift this country with our love and our compassion is laughable through the rigidly masculine lens that has governed this country since its inception; but she used that notion to incite strength and cohesion. And I genuinely believe that love and kindness will pull us out of this nightmare we have entered.

Today, please know that I love you. And I love your complexities and I love the things that make you different from me and I love the things that make us the same.


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This morning, I came into work wearing sneakers and one of my old L.L. Bean flannels, wrapping myself in the safe and familiar, hesitant to greet the new day. I was greeted by my coworkers, and after embraces and kind words, shuffled into a room to watch Hillary Clinton deliver her concession speech.

I cried throughout the speech--for the woman who have worked so hard before me, to the young girls who were so close to growing up with a female leader. I cried for minorities and the marginalized men and women who do not feel protected or seen. Despite the profound sadness today, I also felt lucky to be surrounded by the men and women I work with everyday. My coworkers have centered their career (and quite honestly, their lives) around a hygiene solution for menstruating women and men, and taking topics meant to shame women and given them a platform to be celebrated and seen. I’m still processing, as we all are, but we will move forward together. THINX will continue to champion women's reproductive rights, women's voices, and proudly break the taboo around periods. We’re not going anywhere. We are here for you.

If you are feeling alone or overwhelmed or just have a lotta feelings and need someone to listen, you can email me at [email protected].


Last night, America put aside it's manners, it's social mask, and completely sober, told us how they really felt.

I guess I'm not surprised, but I'm still heartbroken. It kind of feels like acid reflux.But today, I choose to be thankful that I am an immigrant, that I am a woman, that I am a person of color, and even though I am all of those things, I am still American and all the bigotry in the world cannot take these things from me. Cannot tell me what I'm not.I choose to be thankful for those who came before me, who withstood times of turmoil, times of unrest, who passed on the tradition of perseverance.

That tradition does not end with me. It does not end with us.

by Team Thinx

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