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by Team Thinx | 07/07/2016

Spice Girls Kick the Feminism Up A Notch

 How did they know that this is exactly what we want, what we really, really want?! This week, the world was graced with a remake of every 90s girl’s favorite song, updated to include a slew of intersectional feminist issues relevant to the women’s movement of today. While bumping to the famed and familiar beat that rocked our collective childhoods, we hear about the dangers of child marriage, the importance of equal pay for equal work, and the possibility of abolishing violence against women within our lifetime. Ummm, let's just say that Feminist Spice is definitely the cutest new member of the crew. Zig-a, zig awwwwww yes.

Rose McGowan Calls Out Degrading Sexism of Male Film Critic

Remember that one time when the world paused to make fun of Renee Zellweger’s face? Unfortunately, the same, recycled misogyny has come back to haunt us, as film critic Owen Gleiberman decided to level an insult at Zellweger this week with regards to her now infamous plastic surgery. The dude wrote a headline that reads: “Renee Zellweger: If She No Longer Looks Like Herself Has She Become a Different Actress?” Ugh. This is a #TBT in the worst way. But wait! This story does have a hero. Actress and Queen Rose McGowan responded to the comments, calling them “vile, damaging, stupid, and cruel.” Tbh, she's just saying what we're all thinking. More importantly, however, in the face of heartless sexism that targets the body image of aging actresses, it's imperative for women like McGowan to stick up for one another when they can. (But also, it's imperative that men like Owen stop being dumb). Three cheers for ladies looking out for ladies.

#AltonSterling Goes Viral, Wife Speaks Out

 In the midst of numerous racialized police killings just this past week, the video footage of the murder of Alton Sterling in Baton-Rouge, LA caught the attention of the U.S. public when it went viral on social media. His wife spoke out about the incident next to her eldest son of 15, stoically urging audiences to not fall victim to media portrayals of her husband (a registered sex offender--more on this later) but instead to recognize the brutality with which he was killed and which was not justified. We have a lot of feels about this one, so click here to read s’more of our thoughts on this national tragedy.

Sports Broadcaster Confuses Job With Online Dating Site

The thing about being a successful and conventionally attractive woman in the public eye is that you will always run into a dude who enjoys simplifying you to a sex object in front of a global audience. Lol! It's fun. This week during her partner’s tennis match, Jennifer Bate, a dentist, was apparently identified by sportscaster Andrew Castle as the sexy dentist of his dreams (great Halloween costume idea, btw). During his broadcast, this joy of a man decided to share his boner with the viewers by professing his wish for a dentist who “looked like that”--simultaneously humiliating Bate, of course. ‘Cause that's how this whole harassment thing works. Maybe the broadcaster should stick to broadcasting tennis scores and not his sexual desires. Safe to say we didn't Love his comments. (Tennis jokes? Anyone? Hello?)

ISIS Attacks Muslim World, Media Coverage Falters

With the closing out of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and the celebrations thereof, the Middle East was rocked by violent attacks from the Islamic State (ISIS), killing upwards of 250 people in Baghdad alone. Over the past couple of weeks, there has been an upturn of attacks from the extremist organization that has put the world on edge--but has hardly received the media coverage deserved. Between Istanbul, Bangladesh, Baghdad, and three Saudi Arabian cities, the Muslim world has been victim to some of the most horrific attacks in ISIS history over the past weeks. Media outlets are underreporting the violence in the Middle East, just as ‘western’ consumers are under-consuming it, disillusioned by the sustained apparent chaos and fueled by a disinterest in stories that don't concern white pain. In times like these, Islamophobia climbs as people (hint: his name rhymes with Slump) try to blame these terrorist attacks on the Muslim community as a whole (which is pretty silly considering the nature of the attacks which took place during a Muslim holiday). Eid Mubarak to all.

by Team Thinx

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