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by Team Thinx | 09/29/2016

We don't use this word lightly, but watching Donald Trump address a woman on TV is truly triggering for many of us. Like, can a lady get a cold compress over here, please?? The man yells, he condescends, he interrupts, he refuses to listen, he assumes his correctness, he's brutish, he's immature, and he's a million other things that you've probably already seen countless journalists and commentators describe him as. Although, who could deny that he totally rocked that blue tie? We'd be lying if we said we weren't nervous for the first debate, and nervous for our gal bravely fighting on the front lines of the crusade against the ~mansplaining scourge~ (a real nation-sweeper). And while Trump didn't disappoint--in that he was v disappointing--HRC held her own and managed to give us a relatively good debate. Here, we cover the highlights of the night, some of which we liked, and some of which left us feelin' a little #wrecked by the weight of the #patriarchy. Enjoy!

Things we didn’t like:

-Interruptions. Bro-nald interrupted HRC somewhere between 50-55 times during the 90-minute event. Just hearing these numbers makes us hoarse.

-Mansplaining. Though politics is a career that she’s worked her whole life, Hill still had to sit (stand, even!!) through relentless down-talking and mansplaining (defined here).

-Racism. The skill of slipping in a racist comment wherever you can (gangs are made up of illegal immigrants who come here to hurt americans, oooobviously) shouldn't be a notch on anyone's presidential bed-post??? Right??? Help???

-Stop and Frisk advocacy. Someone's gotta say it: racial profiling is never cute, even with those baby ducklings glued to your head, Donald.

-Sniffling. TBH, jury's out: it's gotta be pneumonia

-Ignoring women's health. @Lester: y u no ask about abortion and reproductive justice? :(

Things we liked:

-Off-the-charts levels of snark. Stamina? How about DAMNina!? Ok that's dumb but like you get the point: the woman is all stamina-ed out.

-Call-outs. From misogynistic rhetoric to Stop and Frisk, HRC didn't shy away from calling Donald out on his history of racism and sexism--and calling them just that.

-Talk of ending privatized prisons. Hills specifically called for the end of privatized prisons and the profiting off of incarcerated bodies, so like.... boy, bye.

-Hillary’s fact-checker. We're here for the emphasis on the truth, y'all.

-HRC’s Jim Halpert face. Come onnnnnnn, how cute are they??

Hey, THINX. I love your product, but I don't love your politics. Why are you so open with your political agenda? Just sell me underwear! Hey, you. We hear ya! Read our response here.

by Team Thinx

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