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by Team Thinx | 10/06/2016

1. Six Million Women Protest Abortion Ban in Poland.

The thing about ladies? When you try to take away our basic human rights, six million of us will probably turn out to yell at you until you change your mind. Or at least that’s what happened in Poland when news spread of a proposal that would take the Catholic country’s already staunchly anti-abortion laws and up the ante--threatening to ban abortion outright throughout the entire state. After six million people turned out to protest this absurd legislation that would have devastating consequences for the health of women and children in Poland, the world’s feminists rejoiced with the news that the proposal *absolutely* did not pass. We’re talkin’ the 352-to-58-votes kind of not passing. Of course, once we reminded ourselves that Poland already has extremely strict abortion regulations, banning the health care option except for in cases of rape and incest, our celebrations grew a little quieter. And so, we press on! We should probably carpool to the protest, but I can only fit eight in my mini van so the other 5.9 million of you need to find another ride.

2. Racism In Georgia Police Force Discovered Through Facebook Messages.

With a presidential frontrunner who openly incites racialized violence from his many podiums, I guess it makes sense that each week there seems to be a new story (or in some cases, more than one) about blatant racism exposing itself in this country. Strap on those seat-belts, folks, ‘cause we’re headed to the Deep South! In McIntosh County, Georgia this week, it was discovered via Facebook message that two police officers were discussing all the different ways they racially target black people when they’re out on the prowl for criminals. After these messages were discovered, their defense was that everyone else does it, too, so why should they be held accountable for something that is so normalized!? Typing those words physically hurt me, BTW. One of the officers stepped down from his position during the investigation (so that he could be hired by Another! Police! Force!) while the other officer was fired. But who said anything about racial profiling? *cough cough*

3. Mexican Rape Survivors See Beginnings of Justice.

After a horrific exhibition of violence against women took place in San Salvador Atenco, México, wherein women in a group of flower sellers at a protest in 2006 were kidnapped and raped by police, there finally comes a ray of sunshine: the case is being tried in the Inter-American Human Rights Court. This sunshine ray may be feeling a bit small comparatively, but when you consider how many cases of sexual assault and generalized violence against women get pushed under the rug--particularly when there are law enforcement officials to blame--the news of this case making it to court is a small symbolic victory of its own. Just throwing it out there: maybe when we’re done in Poland, all six million of us can hitch a ride down to Mexico to support these ladies during their trial? Ya know, just a girls’ night? #justgirlyprotests


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by Team Thinx

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