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by Team Thinx | 10/13/2016

1. CoverGirl Gets Its First CoverBoy.

@katyperry via Instagram

When you think of the name of a CoverGirl, “James Charles” doesn’t exactly spring to mind--but as of this week, it is officially the name of the first ever CoverBoy. Shhh, didya hear that?? That’s the sound of the times that are a-changin’, folks! James, a 17-year-old Insta-famous makeup artist, has been selected as the the makeup company’s next ambassador, and will be appearing in campaigns alongside pop star Katy Perry. Breaking gender boundaries and arbitrary binaries is always appreciated, and is part of the crucial work needed to undo millennia of damaging, patriarchal social constructions. No doubt there will be naysayers, but with everything else that is going on--including a rise in public displays of homophobia and misogyny--we’re pretty satisfied with the direction CoverGirl is taking. Sparkle on, y’all!

2. Obama Passes 'Baby Act'.

While we’ve always generally been fans of President Barack O-bae-ma, the man is far from perfect and will leave a far-from-perfect legacy behind him when he relinquishes the throne in January. That being said, out of lemons he’s managed to make feminist gains that far outrival any of his white male forebears (shocker?) that allow him to maintain his “O-bae-ma” status in full. This week, he added the Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation Act--affectionately known as the “Babies Act”--to his feminist toolbelt, which mandates that there be baby changing stations in all bathrooms of public buildings, including men’s bathrooms! Whaaaa! (No, that wasn’t the sound of a baby wailing, that was the sound of our pleasant surprise). Not only is it refreshing to see something positive coming from our government, but this act promotes gender equality by way of encouraging equal parental work instead of burdening mothers with familial responsibilities and depriving fathers of the same. Let’s hear it for the baby!

3. HRC and Trump Engage in the Not-So-Great Debate, Part II.

Image via CNN

IDK if you heard, but, like, the second presidential debate happened and it wasn’t fun. As an uplifting follow-up to the leak of 11-year-old footage of the angry, Republican cheeto puff that exposed himself as a committer of sexual assault, the whole country got to watch him deny the severity of his words and then heap accusations and unsettling claims on his opponent--more accurately, his opponent’s husband who, in case we forgot, is not actually running for president--as excuses for and distractions from his violent character. Yum, we love toxic masculinity. The thing is, before the first debate, Jane “Queen of the Apes” Goodall released a statement comparing Trump’s body language to that of male chimpanzees trying to establish hierarchy and dominance, claiming that she saw many behavioral similarities. And while that’s a pretty damning comparison to aim at a presidential candidate, we’re over like ~*where is the lie??*~ Read more here!

4. Anderson Cooper Targeted By Bigots After Second Debate.

Unfortunately, there are more things that come out of the debates than just these #insane lip reading vids--there are things like hate speech that arise, as well. It’s not like it’s surprising that, with a candidate like the World’s Least Appetizing Orange Creamsicle who actively encourages hate speech from his supporters, we’re seeing more-than-average numbers of bigots crawling out of their cobwebs and onto their Twitters--but it’s upsetting nonetheless. After this week’s debate, the victim of their targeted hate speech was Anderson Cooper, one of the debate’s moderators, who is openly gay. Trump supporters tweeted homophobic slurs at Anderson, claiming that he didn’t give their candidate a fair shake in the debate because he’s gay and therefore biased and unfit for the position of debate moderator. Why, yes, thank you for asking, that *is* our hair on the floor; it got there after we tore it out of our own heads! *tries to think of a happy place* (...Does Anderson Cooper’s house count as our happy place?)

5. Haiti In Crisis: How Did We Get Here?

As enthralling and, honestly, distracting as the race to the presidency is for Americans, there’s a whole world out there that continues existing *even* *when* American news media collectively only covers one story at a time. While the U.S. was, rightfully, losing its collective shit over the leaked audio and video footage of the talking inflatable beach ball running for president, Haiti suffered the mass destruction of Hurricane Matthew and lost over 1,000 people in the wreckage. In the aftermath, Haiti’s Prime Minister is talking now of a possible famine, compounded by a new cholera outbreak. As the Caribbean state runs out of food and medical supplies, donations are in high demand--just be cautious of where you send funds to, considering some enterprises are less responsible with your cash than others. Here are some places to donate to that are not the Red Cross: The Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees fund, Sakala, and Doctors Without Borders to name a few. Check out this page for more general information about staying informed about Haiti. Read more here!


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by Team Thinx

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