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by Team Thinx | 11/03/2016

1. Colin Kaepernick Opens Free Youth Camp Inspired by Black Panthers.

We already know him as the dude who kneels, but now we’ll know him as the dude who stands for youth of color in the U.S. (wordplay amirite). This week, we learned about NFL star Colin Kaepernick’s new Black-Panther-inspired camp for kids of color called Know Your Rights, where young people receive a (free!) education about a handful of ways to cope with the white supremacy and institutionalized racism of today. The aim of the camp is to encourage young kids to think about their futures as students, cultural leaders, and members of a society that often criminalizes their personhood. While learning about how to safely and properly interact with law enforcement, kids also get to interact with the gloriously afro-ed football star who’s proven his commitment to issues of race in the U.S. over and over, particularly in the past year or so. Keep your eye on the ball, y'all. #sports

2. Complaints About Male Contraceptives Spur Controversy.

First, the good news: the new male contraceptive for which we’ve all patiently been waiting has been improved and is now considered “very effective” at preventing pregnancy. Noice! Now, the bad news: it’s going back to the drawing board because this contraceptive comes with some side effects that boys feel like they would rather live without, such as depression, muscle pain, changes in skin and sex drive, and mood swings. Ever heard of ‘em, gals??? Ooooo right, that’s called every day life for those of us who have been using some form of hormonal birth control for any length of time. Apparently female discomfort isn’t enough of a reason to send our birth control back to the chef, even though it was apparently served to us severely undercooked. Hmmmm. Something to consider: female discomfort is hardly ever taken as seriously as male discomfort, which is indicative of a broader, cultural sexism that works to subjugate women and protect men. Discuss!

3. Chobani Employs Refugees, Receives Hatred From Extreme Right.

Turns out, Chobani Greek yogurt isn’t just a healthy breakfast option: it’s also a healthy employer of refugees from the Middle East. Awesome, right?! Right. Unless you ask the Right (the Extreme Right™ to be clear). Many Donald Trump supporters, neoconservatives, and xenophobes have targeted Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder of Chobani and a Turkish immigrant of Kurdish descent, with racist commentary on his activism and his employment of incoming people who are escaping terror in search of a new life. And, unlike the way many large manufacturing and agricultural companies tend to exploit and abuse undocumented Latinx immigrants who are seeking work in this country, the folks at Chobani have been lauded by progressive groups for actually assisting and caring for refugees in a non-exploitative manner. So maybe it's finally time to make the switch from pop-tarts to Chobani in the morning--a smart choice for geopolitics AND for the gut!

4. Assault Survivor Walks Runway at Pakistan Fashion Week.

In what, on the surface, looks like a relatively feel-good story, a Pakistani survivor of council-ordered gang rape has turned her suffering into activism by becoming an outspoken feminist and opponent of genderized violence. This week, Mukhtar Mai walked the runway at Pakistan Fashion Week to make a spectacle of her strength and her story. In many ways, the inclusion of Mai in the fashion show is a wonderful showing of support for women who have endured unimaginable horrors. On the other hand, it’s also important to be critical of the specific venue; why did we need to see this rape survivor up on stage at a fashion show? Does a fashion show really have to do with her story, or is it just an opportunity to stick this woman in a very gendered environment, surrounded by people who generally will agree that violence against women is a problem--AKA other women--and to claim that her voice has been heard by the masses? Does putting this woman up on a stage to perform a narrow femininity actually erase her pain and/or attempt to solve any of the issues that contribute to ongoing misogyny? Maybe not. Either way, her story is incredible, and we’re glad it’s being shared, even from this particularly questionable stage.


  1. This woman wants to know why anyone would care more about HRC's emails than they would about Tr*mp's approaching rape trial. We like this woman.

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  4. Antiquated monarchies are a little bit racist! Shocking news, everyone.

  5. Any news about Amelia Earhart is good news, right?

by Team Thinx

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