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TWIF Vol. 73

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by Emma Glassman-Hughes | 12/15/2016

It’s the holiday season which means sparkles and velvet are IN AGAIN and we are here for all of it. Amid all the rosy cheeks, the ubiquitous ~cheer~, and the sexy Santa outfits that this season has to offer, it is also a time for reflection and appreciation. This year, the world is suffering a bit more than usual--whether you’re still mourning the U.S. presidential election results (and holding out for that CIA investigation that could potentially prove that Russia intervened with the election process), or you’re celebrating the success at Standing Rock but worrying about the people in Flint who are still without access to useable water, there are plenty of things to distract us from the mistletoe and the latkes. There is, however, a way to remain in the holiday spirit AND be politically aware at the same time--and you’re lookin’ at it! TWIF time, y’all: where the jolly meets the poli...sci...IDK.

1. The Situation in Aleppo.

This week, particularly devastating news came out of Syria where conditions worsened exponentially for hundreds of thousands of Syrians trapped in the city of Aleppo (yes, Gary Johnson, it’s a city). There have been reports of women choosing suicide over inevitable rape by the Syrian establishment army, which has viciously advanced on the city this week. Here is a comprehensive article detailing the situation as it stands now, a book you should definitely read if you’re looking for more context, and a list of places accepting donations for Syrians this holiday season. We stand with the Syrian people.

2. Change Your Diet, Change Your Life.

Let these woke teens sing you to sleep with their healthy tunes; good for your ears and good for the earth!

3. Well, NOW The Good Girls Are Gonna Revolt.

Good Girls Revolt, Amazon Studios

“Good Girls Revolt,” a show devoted to telling the untold stories of women in journalism, was cancelled and we are honestly still in a fit of rage! Dear Santa, this year, we want women on TV. Thx.

4. The Future Is Female, and So Is The Water.

Ever wondered just how regal and badass the water protector women of Standing Rock are? Take a look for yourself. #WaterIsFemale

5. A Feminist Upgrade For Cool Runnings.

Image via NBC News

The Nigerian women’s bobsled team is the realest Hanukkah gift to us all this year.

by Emma Glassman-Hughes

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