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by Emma Glassman-Hughes | 01/19/2017

1. Nonpartisan Poll Finds Republican Men Feel They Are More Victimized Than Women.

Hope you didn’t skip your morning meditation sesh today because this one’s a doozy! You’ve been warned. According to a nonpartisan poll at the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago by PerryUndem, men in general underestimate the sexism that women deal with daily, and Republican men in particular think that now is a better time to be a woman than a man. *Does comedic double-take* Whaaa? Apparently, when asked if they are in favor of gender equality, almost all participants, regardless of gender or political identity, indicated support. However, there were hard and fast partisan lines when it came to questions of societal standing and the perception of gender inequality. Hmmm… I wonder where that came from?

2. Betsy DeVos Undergoes Confirmation Hearing For Secretary of Education.

Image via PBS Newshour

I don’t say this often, but dang me to heck if it hasn’t been a good week for C-SPAN! The nation’s most enthralling drama has been playing out before our eyes this week, and I’m not just talking about The Bachelor, ok? I’m talking about the confirmation hearings taking the federal government by storm, in particular the hearings for one Betsy DeVos--the Reformed Christian businesswoman from Michigan, worth many billions of dollars, who is behind the Detroit charter school system and is a fierce advocate for vouchers for private schools, and a supporter of organizations that advocate for the privatization of public education--who was nominated by our lovely president elect to serve as the Secretary of Education. This woman has been positively grilled by Democrats in the Senate on a variety of issues such as disability provisions in K-12 public schools, guns at schools, sexual assault in the university system, and student loan management. In the spirit of transparency and clarity, her response to pretty much everything has been “I say we leave it up to the states to decide, and I look forward to learning about what any of this stuff means once I am confirmed as Secretary.” Comforting! (Still have questions about why DeVos is such a threat to the education system? Read more here!)

3. Australia's First Female Muslim MP Gives Rousing Speech About Inequality.

Australia’s first female Muslim Member of Parliament (MP), Anne Aly, gave an amazing speech this week about her life experience as a woman and single mother of two, as well as an ethnic minority, and the many ways that she has overcome adversity in her life with the hope of making the world a better place. An Egyptian immigrant, Aly has endured xenophobia and racism on top of the sexism that is a baseline experience for practically all women around the globe, especially those brave enough to enter politics, like she has. An expert on counter-terrorism efforts as well as a political scholar and distinguished academic, Aly is using her platform to show the rest of the world what an exceptional leader looks like, from the inside AND the outside.

4. India Designer Creates Comic Book Guide to Menstruation.

In India, scholar and activist Aditi Gupta has put together a comic book guide to menstruation meant to address social and cultural taboos in a way that is approachable and user friendly, and we’re basically freaking out. Menstrupedia (this takes WikiLeaks to a whole new realm) started off as a thesis project for Gupta while she was at school for design in Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad. She quickly discovered, however, that it had the potential to aid a greater audience in learning about the biological side of a person’s period, which is a side, she has found, about which many remain dismally uninformed. With her #adorbs comics and her razor sharp feminist brain, Gupta is changing the world one reader at a time.

5. Inauguration Day, Women's Marches Approach.

It’s time to face the facts: Friday is Inauguration Day. No matter how many times we try to Superman around the earth to reverse time and save the planet from destruction, the day is fast approaching. Lucky for us, Saturday is also fast approaching, which means it’s almost time to get our asses outside for one of many Women’s Marches taking place around the country. In D.C., folks are speculating that the Women’s March will pull larger crowds than the inauguration itself. This high volume of hungry protesters is good news for local restaurants, many of whom have pledged some inauguration profits to a variety of causes that support civil and human rights, such as Planned Parenthood and the Trevor Project. So if you’re marching with some of us THINXers in D.C. (or NYC, or anywhere else!) make sure you come hungry, prepared, and that you know your rights!


  1. Happy belated MLK Jr. Day! These Jacksonville students protested to make Black History a year-long course, and the district is considering their demands. 

  2. This bold Flemish chef returned her Michelin star and reopened a restaurant with all ladies and a chill new focus.

  3. (As seen in PCT) Octavia Spencer bought out a screening of her film Hidden Figures for low-income families and we have to go cry now.

by Emma Glassman-Hughes

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