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Undie The Surface: Zsuzsi Hussla, Author of Unraveling Her

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Undie The Surface: Zsuzsi Hussla, Author of Unraveling Her Photo

by Team Thinx | 11/02/2016

Zsuzsi Hussla enjoys getting her period. Yes, Even as THINX’s professional period penpal, I was surprised that Hussla not only enjoys it, but welcomes it in a ceremonial-type way. From her attitude to herbal intake, Hussla has many recommendations that she shares in her new book, Unraveling Her: Release Yourself From PMS & Menstrual Madness And Fall In Love With Your Feminine Rhythms.

Kelsey from THINX: Tell us about Unraveling Her.

Zsuzsi Hussla: It’s a combination of a memoir retelling my experience of my cycle, and my physical journey of recalibrating my health and getting back on track with my cycle. The second part of the book takes you through the menstrual cycle and gives you a sense of how you can be mindful of it in your daily life and use of food, herbs,and essential oils. I think we get so caught up in being in a masculine oriented society with a one level of energy and that's not how women are treated. We have rhythms and circles of energy, and we have to honor that.

Kelsey: Was there a peak moment where you thought “okay, i have to write about this”

Zsuzsi: I was getting frustrated and trying really hard to put this information out there in different ways. I love books and writing and had already written a webbook, so over the years I pieced everything together and made a book!

Kelsey: You talked about using holistic remedies in your book.

Zsuzsi: I do. My whole perspective is holistically based. I’m not a trained doctor, but I’ve done a lot of learning and researching over the years while i've had problems with my cycle. I didn't want to be on birth control or other pills, because I struggled with side effects when i was young. I’m trying to do things as naturally as possible.

Kelsey: Would women like me, who do not use holistic health methods, still find this book relatable and informative?

Zsuzsi: I tried to be as non judgmental and informative as I could. I understand that women use birth control, but I do supply alternatives because I know women who are looking to get off of it. This book really is for every women. I do offer some different or alternative methods and I understand that, so I am clear that every woman's body is ultimately their own. Whether you're on birth control or not, understanding your cycle and rhythm is is good knowledge to know.

Kelsey: You mentioned alternative methods that could be seen as “out there”. Do you have any examples?

Zsuzsi: Yeah, some of the practices I do.  I really enjoyed bleeding outside, free bleeding, offering my blood to the earth in a ceremony way. This was how I connected to the rhythms of nature. It helps relieve cramps and the tension in my body. Instead of thinking “ugh i have to do this again” it became sacred and special and was  a reminder of my connection of the earth.

Kelsey: That's interesting that you shifted perspective and allowed yourself to see free bleeding as something ceremonial rather than a hassle.

Zsuzsi: Yeah, i remember before i would think “How is the cycle going to go? Am i going to have bad cramps this time?” but now rather than having those feelings or anxieties I start getting rushes throughout my body that became almost ecstatic. So now i've started to feel awesome every time I have my cycle. It was my special time to take a step back from the world and celebrate myself.

Kelsey: Were you able to shift your perspective on cramps as well? Or are cramps just cramps?

Zsuzsi: It got to the point where i didn't even have cramps anymore. I would have euphoric little rushes or not feel anything.

Kelsey: It sounds like your book is remedies but also a state of mind.

The book is about reframing your femininity. Femininity has different connotations to it, which i break down in the book. What does feminine mean to you? Are you taking it from yourself or outside culture? Or your mom, your aunt, whoever? Is it representing who you are inside.

Kelsey from: What about those who get there period and are not feminine and have no desire to be?

Zsuzsi: I think they would. There are a lot of aspects that connect to femininity, but the book is so much more than that. You'll still take away lessons and remedies on your cycle and connecting with your period.

Unraveling Her is available on Amazon now.

by Team Thinx

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