William H. Macy Supports Emmy Rossum's Fight For Equal Pay

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William H. Macy Supports Emmy Rossum's Fight For Equal Pay Photo

by Kelsey Duchesne | 12/13/2016

Distinguished actor William H. Macy got caught in every celebrity's worst nightmare: getting hounded by TMZ when they’re trying to do errands! Macy did take this moment, however, to contribute to a dialogue I will never get tired of discussing: equal pay in Hollywood. Macy currently stars on the show Shameless with Emmy Rossum, who is currently is a dispute with Warner Brothers over equal pay. The camera man begins to set up a potential question for Macy, who interrupts to give a quick history lesson.

"They wrote the Equal Rights Amendment in 1927," Macy begins. "It didn't get passed by both houses of congress until 1972. It still hasn't been approved by all the states...it’s about f*cking time, don’t you think?” He smiles at the camera, and actually stops to continue to talk to TMZ (TMZ!!!) about equal pay.

“You are a Hollywood veteran, oscar nominated,” the TMZ dude continues. She wants the same pay as you, and you’ve recently been renegotiating your contract…”

Macy helps us all out again and interrupts rambling TMZ man. “She works as hard as I do, she deserves everything,” he said. “The only thing I have over Emmy Rossum is I’m better looking.” Finishing with a cheeky joke, Macy leaves the scene to continue his shopping/continuing to be an ally for women. Let’s hope that he continues to be an ally and advocate for Rossum as she fights for the pay she deserves.

Watch the video here:

by Kelsey Duchesne

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