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You Say You Want a Resolution

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You Say You Want a Resolution Photo

by Team Thinx | 01/25/2018

Look, self-improvement, personal development, doin’ you—whatever you wanna call it—is an all day, everyday kinda job. But there’s something special about focusing on yourself around the new year. Blame it on the sparkly decor, Ryan Seacrest, or the a a a a a alcohol (had to), but when that clock flashes 1-2-0-0, a renewed sense of purpose starts to settle in (after the cocktails wear off, that is).

I know, resolutions can be a little lame and sooo last year, but over here at THINX HQ we like to set intentions and plan for good things to come. Personally, I’m going to spend more time with salty foods instead of sugary treats whilst binge-eating on my period — ya gotta start somewhere, ppl!

What are the rest of my taboo-breakin’ buddies doing to make the most out of these 365 days? Take a peek below, and then chime in with your 2018 resolution/intention/goal in the comments below!

What We’re Doing Differently This Year

"Less social media, more reading and self-education."

- Anna

"More travel is #1 on my list. I'm really excited to explore different ways of being and doing as a way to cultivate joy and open heartedness."

- Laura

"Take more time to learn new things and not rely on old habits."

- Andrew

"I've deleted my dating apps and am instead focusing on training for a half marathon with regular classes at Mile High Run Club."

- Jasmin

"I am going to spend this year trying to truly appreciate what I have at home. This means friends and family, but also things like the sea and nature."

- Euan

"Gonna take the M train home instead of the L train; prepare myself for the shutdown."

- Douglas

"I’m gonna make 2018 my bitch."

- Kelly

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by Team Thinx

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