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What Are Pantyliners Used For?



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Thinx Periodical What Are Pantyliners Used For

by Team Thinx | 04/11/2023

Have you ever seen a box of pantyliners on the shelf at the store and wondered what exactly pantyliners are used for? Pantyliners are an essential item for many, providing daily protection from vaginal discharge and light spotting. They can also be used as a backup for additional protection against leaks. Let's break down all the different uses of pantyliners, as well as the benefits of using them for light leaks and other daily issues. Read on to learn more about how pantyliners can help manage your daily vaginal discharge, light spotting, and more.

managing daily vaginal discharge

Pantyliners are a great way to manage daily vaginal discharge. They provide a thin layer of protection that keeps moisture away from sensitive skin, which can help prevent odors and discomfort. They are a great option for managing light to moderate levels of vaginal discharge, and they are also easy to remove and replace.

light spotting

When it comes to light spotting, pantyliners can be a great option in a pinch. They are much thinner than menstrual pads and are often used to keep underwear clean and fresh. They can help to ensure that your clothing remains clean and free from any unwanted stains. 

providing backup protection

Pantyliners are a great way to provide backup protection for those with light urinary incontinence. There are a wide range of options available, including both reusable and disposable panty liners, that can absorb light bladder leaks.

the benefits of using pantyliners

Pantyliners can be incredibly versatile — they provide extra coverage from vaginal discharge, light spotting, and can even be used as a backup to menstrual cups or tampons. Pantyliners also offer options when it comes to absorbency levels, making them one of the best incontinence products for light leaks. As long as they are changed frequently, they can be a great addition to your daily routine, especially when combined with other products.

are pantyliners bad for you?

No, they're not necessarily bad — it's really a matter of preference. Pantyliners can be worn both before and after your period, but it is not recommended to rely on them to absorb heavy menstrual flow. On heavy flow days, you can rely on Thinx period underwear to absorb it all and support against leaks. 

One thing to note is that some scented pantyliners may contain chemicals that can irritate the sensitive tissues around the vagina. Also, synthetic-fiber underwear and regular use of pantyliners with an impermeable layer can block air circulation to the reproductive organs and prevent sweat from evaporating. It’s best to opt for unscented, breathable liners that don’t affect airflow and keep clothes dry! This will help prevent odors, as well as other skin-related irritation issues.

how to use pantyliners

It's important to understand what pantyliners are used for so you can choose the right product for your needs. When selecting a pantyliner, consider the type of material and absorbency. Reusable cloth panty liners are often preferred by those who want a more eco-friendly option, while disposable panty liners offer more convenience. Be sure to look for products that are free of dyes, fragrances, and synthetic fibers. 

When it comes to applying the liner, make sure you're wearing clean, dry underwear. Place the regular pantyliner in your underwear with the adhesive side down so it stays put.

For those with light incontinence after childbirth who are looking for additional protection from leaks, Thinx for All Leaks provides reusable, absorbent underwear that's designed to handle light to moderate bladder leaks. When it comes to the return of your period postpartum, Thinx period underwear is another great reusable option. Regardless of your choice, remember to change your pantyliners frequently — after a few hours or every time you go to the bathroom — as this helps to prevent irritation and infection. 

By understanding what panty liners are used for and following these steps, you can enjoy all the benefits of using reusable or disposable panty liners!

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