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Tips For Working Out… When You Have Big Boobs



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Thinx - Periodical - Tips For Working Out… When You Have Big Boobs

by Priya A Shah | 04/17/2019

Have you ever shown up to a fitness class wearing the *wrong* sports bra and then the fitness instructor says, “Let’s start with a few jumping jacks?”

This is literally every big boob-ed girl's worst nightmare.


Seriously, though. I love my boobs. They’re pretty great. Until I have to do any form of workout, especially the high intensity kind. We’re talking HIIT, bootcamps, running, and... why do we have to do jump squats during Zumba? I thought it was a dance class!

While my boobs cause me frustration sometimes, I don’t let the girls stop me from my workout game. Every year for the last 3 years, I’ve signed up for a race or two (5ks, 8ks). I’ll work out at home or pop into a fitness studio. And, here’s a little secret — I don’t do high impact all the time. It’s a misconception that in order to get a good workout, you always have to go hard.

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and everyone has a different struggle. But one thing is for sure, managing big boobs is a full-time job.

Here are a few tips ‘n’ tricks for your next workout that cause less bounce.

invest in your sports bras

I know, right? Why do our wallets have to suffer just because we’ve been blessed up top? But if we’re serious about our workout game, we have to spend extra dollars for a few sports bras on those high impact days. With that said, everyone is different. One brand or bra that works for one person may not work for you. So buy one—just one—of those expensive sports bras and test it out. See how it works for you, you may need to try a different brand or size. Try one of my faves, this high impact convertible sports bra from Chantelle.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a sports bra, you can still get high impact bras that work. I’ve used Old Navy’s high impact sports bras and they’ve worked pretty well for me, especially when running. You can also take a look at Target or Forever 21. The same concept goes for trying out different brands and seeing what works for you. If you know you’re going to be doing high impact workouts, your boobs will need all the support.

know your best bra size

A few years ago, I forgot my sports bra and had to stop to buy a new one on my way to the gym. I bought my size and everything. However, when I changed in the dressing room of the gym, I realized that the sports bra was too tight. And I couldn’t take it off. I missed my workout class. I finally got it off and promised myself that I’d always try the sports bra beforehand (or keep the tag on if I ordered online) so I know I won’t suffocate. Make sure you’re purchasing bras in the right size and sometimes you’ll have to adjust your size depending on brand or material.

try doubling up

I’ll admit, I have doubled up on sports bras before and for me, it works, if done correctly. However, do this with caution. If you experience any sort of pain or your form is jeopardized, don’t do it. Just spend a few extra bucks for a good one. Try a low impact bra with a medium impact bra to hold those girls in place.

plan workouts in your favor

I love low impact workouts because I can wear a low/medium workout bra and still get in a great workout. I love doing yoga, spinning, and walking. No jumping jacks in sight! Low-impact workouts are still very effective and you can lose body fat. So give your boobs a break and go for a bike ride. Go for a long walk and then do 10 minutes of abs or hold a plank for a minute. Maybe today is a hiking day. Make low impact workouts your best friend.

Right alongside low impact, there’s weight training. And weight training will make you feel stronger, tone your body and help you shed those pounds without having to do any jumping jacks. Start slow and lift light. Then when you’re muscles are used to it, challenge yourself and go a little heavier. Try this 30-minute strength training workout from PopSugar, then come back and tell me if you broke a sweat.

do what you can

Look, sometimes it’s not easy, but having big boobs is not an excuse to not be active. So, do what you can. Take breaks (i.e. jog/walk combo). Use any of the tips above. Love your body regardless of size and shape. And go and get it. Your boobs won’t be an obstacle if you let it. And avoid jumping jacks at all cost. Just kidding. Get the right bra and jump those jacks! Conquer!

What are your hacks for working out with big boobs? Share in the comments!

Priya Shah is a Chicago-based freelance copywriter and serial blogger armed with a journalism degree and a strong background in providing clients with value, creativity, and a killer voice. She’s also a world-traveler, has lived abroad, and loves exploring other cultures.

by Priya A Shah

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