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Period Hacks from Bleeders Like You



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Thinx - Periodical - Period Hacks From Bleeders Like You

by Team Thinx | 12/13/2017

A lot of the time, talking about periods means talking about what you’re doing to get through the five to seven-day mild hellfire that is the joy of menstruation. We’ve shared a lot of ways you can combat your worst cycle symptoms, including alternative period pain remedies, how to stop your stomach from feeling so ~weird~, and some physical activities to explore on your period (yes, one of those is sleeping — judgment free zone).

But, what we’ve never talked about is *hacks*. I’m talking something weird, wacky, and wonderful that you swear by to battle the period blues. I decided to consult our THINX team and community, being that we’re all total #experts in all things periods. Be prepared… the results will shock you!!! (sorry y’all I never get to write clickbait, so I’m having fun).

1. Amish ice hot cream for my lower back. I go to town on red bell peppers and anything with iron because I become anemic. And, of course, a hot bath and curling up in a ball on the couch in fuzzy PJs.Sharon, VP of People at THINX

2. I like to scream into a pillow to avoid yelling at others when I don't have chocolate nearby 🙋🏻‍@liizisa

3. My go-to during my period is super spicy Indian food — I get massive cravings. I’m not sure if it's because it's delicious or the spice, but it takes my mind off of my cramps!Laura, THINX Giveback

4. I always stock up on St. John’s Wart and 5-HTP during my period to balance my moodAnna, Creative Director and Creative Producer at THINX

5. I once put baby Orgel on a tampon thinking it would numb my insides — I was desperate!@thuythi

6. Clary sage oil rubbed everywhere and mugwort smudge sticks at pressure points—must be done outside because the smell is INTENSE and it always feels like a special ritual that connects me. My THINX are the perfect way to blend my earth-loving menstrual happy ways.@laciehi

7. Running the day before my period really helps with the severity of cramps. It also helps because I feels super-moody and emo that day, too.Dan, Operations at THINX

8. Poopuri, portable baby wipes, but i think the weirdest thing is using my vibrator as a uterus / back massager when i have cramps!@monstrousmane

9. My mom came up with this one. She buys the little hand and sock warmers from Costco. You know the kind that stick to your sock, and I stick them to the inside of my waistband so that I have a heating pad all day that moves with me.@abbeylu

10. Rub (or drink) cognac to relieve period cramps …. Plus two midol.Daniella, Growth Marketing at THINX

11. I use my cat as a hot water bottle.@meeeeetsu

12. CBDs have powerful anti-inflammatory benefits and are natural remedy for pain and help calm the mind.  They're your best friend during your period.  I even use them to chill out my dog.  (TRUE STORY)CJ, VP of PR at THINX

13. I drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar twice a day for a week before my period, try to avoid greasy food (and if that doesn't work, sometimes I have apple cider vinegar three times a day). @babybaer2

14. I put hot water in any plastic bottle and hold it to my stomach when i have cramps! you can't drink the water after though, the heat draws chemicals out of the bottle. but it's a cheap alternative to a heating padJasmin, Designer at THINX

15. When my cramps wake me up at night, I wake up my bf and ask him to get me two Advil then I binge watch Buffy to mentally drown out the pain while waiting for the meds to kick-in enough for me to fall back to sleep.@hannahsuzanna

16. I use A5-35 cooling & heating pads that are used for sore muscles on my stomach for bad cramp days.@whatsshewareing

17. If I have a severe pain attack I actually use something super-cold (hello green peas from freezer!), wrap it in a towel, and put it on my belly. A hot water bottle just doesn’t help, quite the opposite actually!@bakalyosha

18. I shove a heart-shaped “magic bag” (heat pack) down my pants during my commute to work! 🙈@larsen_gram

19. Beef jerky and ice cream, preferably eaten in bed.@mermaidlegs

20. I️ sleep on my stomach with a pillow under my lower abdomen! It sounds ridiculous, but the pressure helps with my damn cramps. @tunesandtunics

21. I tie a water bottle to the front and back of my stomach with a wide scarf (so I can move around), then end up on the sofa in one position all day drinking hot chocolate.@cochehombre

22. I get my cat to sleep and purr on my belly 😅. It's like a purring heating pad that loves you.@vittymoresco

23. I have a lavender-filled blanket that I heat up and wrap around my abdomen. I also swear by this Apothecanna pain relieving body oil.Jasmin, Partnerships and Events

24. Best cramp solution — downward dog!  Gets rid of cramp pain so quickly.@nikitaravi

25. Hiding my candy in my tampon go bags.@kindofsmall

26. I have a hot water bottle – And I recently wrote the words love, joy and bliss on the bottle, so that the water in there can pick up those vibrations. I love having it  around me now 😊💜🙆🏻@mymirrorreflection

27. The biggest game changers to surviving my periods have been: sage tea (an ancient Palestinian remedy said to have been used by the virgin mary to ease her pregnancy pains while pregnant with jesus!?!?!) and a homeopathic remedy called natrum muriaticum which my naturopath prescribed me. Both of these ease my pains and reduce the anxiety. I also like to stick a warm rice bag in the front of my sweatpants.@mdizzle928

28. I use Thermacare menstrual heating pads! They are a lifesaver! They are heating pads for on-the-go!! That way I can go about my day and not feel like I’m dying._@msmiya__

29. I buy a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and a tub of sour cream. I put on a face mask and watch a Harry Potter movie, while dipping the Doritos in the sour cream. Sounds gross but it's so good.@katrinamcnabb

30. I buy multiple chocolate bars and melt them in the microwave at work! Melted chocolate is THE best.@vegannaturals

What are your best period hacks? We’ve gotta know! Tell us in the comments!

by Team Thinx

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