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Holiday Season Survival Tips For You & Your V



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Holiday Season Survival Tips For You & Your V Photo

by Mia Abrahams | 11/01/2017

So it’s really November already, huh? Just like that. Well, I’m still not convinced. But ANYWAY, it’s the offish start of the **holiday season**, which means plenty of sitting around in airports, (hopefully) exotic vacays, and long trips in the car to visit family on the horizon (AND stopping by our Fearless Bleeding Tour, which kicks off today! — check out all the deets here!). So we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to look at some ways you and your V can stay healthy through the next few months of travel (and festivities).

Silly, Sexy, Safely

There’s no reason why you should let the silly season get in the way of being smart about your sexual health — the only thing you really want to bring home from that beach vacation is a suntan and a mild hangover. If you’re going on the road, make sure you’ve got enough of whatever birth control you use and grab a couple condoms, too. Hey, you never know if your unrequited high school crush is going to be home for Thanksgiving and hanging out at the local college bar… (lol jk you totally do because you stalked his Facebook – see you on Thursday, Mike!!!!).

However, if you are on the road and are hit with some unfamiliar symptoms, don’t panic. Depending where you are, urgent care facilities can give you an STD test, or just make an appointment with your ob-gyn for when you get back into town. If you’ve gone way off the beaten path (lucky you!) Gynopedia is a great resource — it’s an open-source, nonprofit health care database (like Wikipedia for your vag) that offers women free healthcare information, in case you need to find tampons in Lima, or the morning after pill in Bangkok.

Packing For You (And Your Vagina)

OK, so most of us know our bodies reasonably well at this stage of our lives, or at least we have an idea of the kinds of things that we can be hit with — especially if we are tired, run-down, or stressed-out (all things that can happen in the crazy, end of year, *magic* that is the holiday season).

If you know that you are susceptible to yeast infections, throw some Monistat in your suitcase to avoid a mad dash to the pharmacy in a small, unfamiliar town on a Friday night, only to find out it doesn’t open again until Monday morning. Also, maybe start taking some probiotics or whatever you usually do to help balance out your system.

Or if UTIs are more your thing (so sorry about that — truly the absolute worst) – make sure you’re peeing after sex (obvs) but also stay prepared with some cranberry or d-mannose pills. Depending on where you’re going (eg. how remote), and how recurrent your UTIs are, talk to your doctor about getting some antibiotics for a **just in case** moment. Nothing like getting on a 12-hour flight and realizing that a UTI has just hit. Trust me.

Bleedin’ On the Road

It goes without saying that if you’re going to get your period while you’re on the road, you might know a certain pair of period undies that can be a major lifesaver for preventing leaks when you’re far from your nearest toilet or tampon provider. Aside from your THINX, packing a PMS kit — with your fave brand of backup tampons, Midol or painkillers, heat-pack, and whatever else you need to get you through your ~flow~ comfortably — can be a real #blessing when you’re not close to home, couch, Netflix, and a 24-hour bodega with your favorite flavor of ice cream (peppermint choc-chip, please).

Oh btw, if you are planning on being in the great outdoors while bleedin’ (go you btw) — I just want to confirm that bears *are not* attracted to menstrual odors. That myth has been well and truly busted.  Unless you are using it as an excuse to get out of a family camping trip, and then, well, your secret is safe with us.

Don’t Forget Your Mental Health, Too!

The last two months of the year bring with them lots of late nights, delicious food, and wine, so, so much wine — it’s not exactly a recipe for calm, mindful, zen. So, make sure you’re making time for your mental health too. Download a meditation app and commit to it for a few minutes before you leave the house each morning. Make sure you’re taking some time to exercise if that’s part of your normal routine, even if you’re travelling or away from home – even something low-key like a hike, yoga class, or a swim can be a really great way to keep endorphins high and anxiety low (especially if you’re on your period). Most of all, just take some time out of all the crazy to devote to self care. Remember, you’re on holiday — enjoy it!

Do you have any tips or tricks for staying healthy while you’re traveling? Share them in the comments!

by Mia Abrahams

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