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Our Team’s Fave Styles of Period Underwear

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Thinx - Periodical - Our Team’s Fave Styles of Period Underwear

by Team Thinx | 03/22/2022

Intimidated by your choices when it comes to all our cute styles of Thinx? We get that more than anyone — there are so many comfy styles, it almost makes you wish your period was longer. (Okay, we did say almost.)

A couple folks from the team at Thinx are here to walk you through their MVP underwear picks:

“Now that I have a pair of the Sleep Shorts, I can’t live without them. The material is so soft and comfortable and I find that I want to wear them all the time, whether I’m on my period or not. I was also thrilled when we launched our Heavy Hi-Waist, being a person that was ~blessed~ with a heavier flow for the bulk of my cycle. They give me that security I need (especially overnight) while not making me feel bulky or bogged down, even on my most bloated days.” -Emilee, Director of Digital Product

“I keep telling everyone I know with a period to get themselves at least one pair of the Cotton Boyshort. They're probably the comfiest pair of underwear I own, and they are truly such a game changer for sleeping (and lounging, existing, etc.) on your period. I'm also a big fan of the French Cut, which has an iconic high-cut leg that's suuuper flattering. My honorable mention pick would be air Hiphugger, which is so breezy and lightweight that you forget you're actually wearing period underwear.” -Meg, Brand Copywriter

“My favorite style is actually the Super Hi-Waist. I can wear it all day for about 12 hours, and its fit makes you feel held and comfortable and less bloated on your heavy days. Using Thinx, especially the Super absorbencies, has totally changed my period. I just put it on and forget about it for the rest of the day, and change once at night or after a workout. My second favorite style is the Boyshort. It's super, super comfortable, and the absorbency is almost as high as the Super Hi-Waist. You can wear it all day, or at the gym, or even to sleep. Using these styles has completely eliminated my need for tampons, diva cups, or any other period product whatsoever. I only use my Thinx underwear for my entire cycle.” -Keshia, Project Manager

“My go-to styles for heavy days are the Super Hiphugger and the Super Cotton Brief; both hold up to 5 tampons of fluid! I love the lace details on our Hiphugger, and the Super Cotton Brief feels like a regular pair of underwear. I feel protected with both styles on my heaviest days. However, now that I have been working from home, my new favorite have been the Sleep Shorts. It works for either heavy or light days, is super comfy, and has pockets. I love anything with pockets: dresses, shorts, and period undies!” -Alice, VP of Consumer Intelligence

“One of my favorite styles is the air Bikini. It comes in this really light, breathable fabric that’s perfect for those hot summer months. I also love wearing it for working out, too. I get so bloated on my period, so my favorite to wear for those extra heavy and bloated days is the Super Hi-Waist. It holds up to 5 tampons’ worth so I feel really protected, and it also looks super cute, too!” -Joycelyn, UX Researcher

“For heavy days or overnight, I recommend the Super Cotton Brief — it’s really comfortable and has a lot of coverage. And then for moderate days, I like the Boyshort style because it’s a really great silhouette. For this one, I actually recommend you size up one size. For light days, I really like the Cheeky, I think it’s really cute and sexy, and I sometimes even wear it when I’m not on my period!” -Aliya, Project Manager

Was your favorite underwear style missing from our employee picks? Share it with us and tell us why in the comments section below!

by Team Thinx

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