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Giving Back to the Next Generation

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Thinx - Periodical - Giving Back to the Next Generation

by Team Thinx | 11/21/2019

The Thinx Inc. team is committed to advocating for menstrual equity and body literacy in the US, and we’ve been taking our cues from the young people who are leading the charge. With your help, this Giving Tuesday we’re continuing to support the next generation of changemakers by donating to youth activists at PERIOD, and highlighting inspiring work from graduates of our EveryBody puberty education program.

the EveryBody program

As part of our giveback work, we collaborate with schools and afterschool programs to empower students with medically accurate puberty education, so they have all the information they need about their changing bodies. This year, we held our first ever design contest, giving EveryBody students the opportunity to create a design inspired by what they learned in the program. 

The winning idea came from Divyasri, a sixth-grade student in Queens, New York, who wants all people with periods to go with the flow, and not be held back by their body’s natural processes. This Giving Tuesday, 10% of sales from every purchase of Divyasri's *limited edition* Go With the Flow print in Thinx and Thinx (BTWN), and from all styles of Speax Rose, will be donated to support PERIOD.


For over a year now, we’ve partnered with PERIOD, the largest youth-run nonprofit committed to fighting for menstrual equity and changing the conversation around periods on a global scale. 

To date, we’re very proud to say we’ve worked together to shift 12 local policies (and counting!) through our United for Access campaign, commissioned a first-of-a-kind study on the impact of period poverty in US schools, and supported 28,895 people with access to period products — and we’re just getting started!

how you can participate

When you purchase underwear from Thinx Inc., you’re already helping advance the fight for menstrual equity in the US, and there are so many other actionable ways to further the cause:

  1. Write to your congressperson! Their support for the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act and the Menstrual Equity for All Act can help us turn around the state of menstrual equity and body literacy in this country. 

  2. Donate period products. Whether your donation is to local shelters in your community, or to organizations like the Alliance of Border Collaboratives or PERIOD, providing products to people in need goes a long way.

  3. Knowledge is power, and with the help of PERIOD and our friends at Harris Poll, we’ve gathered comprehensive insights into the impact a lack of access to period products has on students throughout the United States today, as in *right now*. Reading up on State of the Period will make you that much more prepared to advocate for menstrual equity when you’re spending time with friends and family this season. Y’know, during those low-stakes, casual holiday dinner convos.

How are you celebrating Giving Tuesday this year?

by Team Thinx

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