How Thinx air Period Underwear Keeps Up With Your Lifestyle

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Thinx - Periodical - How Thinx air Period Underwear Keeps Up With Your Lifestyle

by Team Thinx | 04/12/2022

So you’ve heard of Thinx reusable period underwear — an absolute game-changer in the world of period products. But did you know that our Thinx air™️ collection was specially designed to be worn on *and* off your period?

what are Thinx air underwear?

Made from a breezy, breathable micromesh fabric, our Thinx air period underwear styles are ultra-thin and lightweight. They absorb period flow (up to 2 regular tampons’ worth!), sweat, and moisture — while preventing leaks and keeping you fresh, wherever you go.

why Thinx air?

These cooling and quick-drying period undies are designed to keep up with your lifestyle. Thinx air has drying superpowers that wick away sweat while you’re on the move, keeping everything extra fresh + dry. Our multi-tasking micromesh fabric provides ventilation when you need it, releasing heat while absorbing moisture, so you’ll never lose your cool — ideal for workouts, summertime, or *any* time, really. It’s just an added bonus that the airy, form-fitting fabric is comfy enough to wear every. single. day.

Extra bonus: Thinx air styles hang dry 2x faster than our original undies — aka very little downtime in-between washes — making ‘em perfect for travel days.

ready to feel like you’re floating on air?

Our feather-light, sweat-wicking Thinx air undies are designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday routine — whether you’re on your period or not. 

Looking for a more full-coverage fit? Our air Hiphugger is equipped with wider sides for extra back coverage. Prefer a slightly higher rise? The air Bikini has narrower side seams and full back coverage in a comfy bikini silhouette. Either way, the ultra-thin micromesh fabric will keep you cool & covered on light to moderate flow days.

The Thinx air collection comes in fun, bright colors like Electrolight and Superberry, as well as essential neutral shades like Black, Sand, and Dusk — so you can have a pair for every mood and occasion.

by Team Thinx

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