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How We’re Supporting People on the Front Lines of COVID-19

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Thinx - Periodical - How We’re Supporting People on the Front Lines of COVID-19

by Team Thinx | 03/26/2020

Now more than ever, public health and safety is on the minds of people all over the world. With COVID-19 drastically changing the daily lives of so many of us, we wanted to take a moment to elevate the voices of social workers, healthcare professionals, and teachers who have been on the front lines of treatment and prevention, and share some actionable ways we can all show our support. Here is what they have to say about navigating this new normal:

Claire, Social Worker

“In this uncertain time, I am caring for my students and myself by envisioning and creating a “new normal” that is as meaningful, safe and positive as possible. This includes ensuring that my students and their families have the resources that they need to manage at home. For some this means help locating food pantries, while for others it might mean counseling sessions over video chat or providing assistance navigating online learning for the first time. Ultimately, it means providing multifaceted support from a distance and letting my kiddos know that even though we are not physically together for the time being, I am still here for them.”

Elisa, Nurse

“As a nurse, I appreciate the praise, but this is my job — I went to school and signed up for it. I put my scrubs on, go to work, and do the best I can, just like teachers, cops, firemen, and everyone else out there. We are all part of a community, so let’s help each other, and not fight over toilet paper. Check on the elderly, your neighbors, friends, and family. Let’s be kind and compassionate to each other, and not too hysterical.”

Kayla, EveryBody program teacher

“This is a stressful time but that doesn't mean we lose our hope, faith and ourselves. Kids who are experiencing this matter don't think it's the end of the world because it's not. We are going to get through this. As for the parents, try your best no matter what. No one is judging you. When you think positively, you will receive positive results.”

how Thinx is taking action

Our global healthcare workforce is nearly 70% women, and many healthcare workers are speaking up about inadequate access to period products during their shifts, and the challenges of maintaining sanitary conditions when you have to change a pad or tampon during long work hours. 

At Thinx, we always aim to be responsive to community needs, which is why we’re providing healthcare workers with what we know best: period products. We sent a donation of 1200 undies directly to healthcare workers in Wuhan, China, and we’re donating to hospitals in NYC and the surrounding region to support folks in our own backyard. We’re also doubling down on our support for PERIOD, helping them ensure that people impacted by COVID-19 have access to products in their local communities. 

how you can make a difference

In addition to monitoring your own health and protecting yourself and others through social distancing and regular hand-washing, there are ways you can contribute funds or time to help local and global communities navigate the hardships caused by COVID-19.

  1. Donate, if you can, to organizations like your local food bank or shelters, and support the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s COVID-19 Response Fund. At Thinx, we recently launched an NYC giveback fund to support folks affected by COVID-19 in our own backyard.

  2. Purchase gift cards to local businesses, who are being dramatically affected by necessary shutdowns of public gatherings and spaces. By purchasing a credit for a future date, you’re giving business owners the revenue they need to stay afloat, and you’ll be able to treat yourself in the weeks or months to come.

  3. Support the elderly and immunocompromised. This includes, but isn’t limited to, staying home if you’re able to, so you’re helping prevent the spread of the virus. It can also look like offering to pick up groceries or other supplies for the most vulnerable in your community who need to stay inside.

  4. Stock supplies thoughtfully. When you’re in the grocery store, hold space for the needs of the rest of the community. That means avoiding overstocking with more than what you and your family need, and skipping anything with a WIC symbol on the shelf tag. Folks who use WIC to feed themselves and their families cannot switch to another stocked product if WIC options aren’t available — but we can all do our part to ensure everyone has access to the items they need.

  5. Advocate for free and easy access to period products. Our global healthcare systems are navigating an unprecedented outbreak, and we can’t lose sight of the need for access to necessary products in a time like this. Now more than ever, we need elected officials to address period poverty — and to ensure access to critical menstrual hygiene products for all people with periods during this pandemic and beyond it. You can show your support by signing our Thinx2020 petition.

How are you managing your health and supporting others right now? Share below in the comments.

by Team Thinx

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