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Thinx Teens underwear is not made or treated with PFAS

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    Our Protection Promise

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    Our Protection Promise: Thinx underwear is designed without PFAS or any harsh substance on our Clean Commitment List.

    How Thinx Teens work

    How Thinx Teens work

    Our newest Thinx Teens period undies absorb your flow and help prevent leaks all day for up to 12 hours. Plus, they control odor and wick moisture — so teens can feel fresh, dry, and comfy! No pads, tampons, or other period products needed.

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    ( Q )

    How does period underwear work?

    ( A )

    Our underwear for periods absorbs your flow, helps control odor, wicks moisture, and helps prevent leaks — so teens feel fresh, dry, and comfortable throughout the day! No other period products are required. Our period-absorbing underwear is machine washable and reusable— so you can wear, wash, and wear again!

    ( Q )

    How much fluid does Thinx Teens absorb?

    ( A )

    Our newest Thinx Teens period-absorbing underwear styles absorb up to 12 regular tampons (or 3 regular pads') worth of flow. They offer all-day, leakproof protection for up to 12 hours to support early and inconsistent teen periods. No other period products are needed.

    ( Q )

    Is period underwear reusable?

    ( A )

    Yep. Our period underwear is washable and reusable, so you can wear it, wash it, and wear it again, just like regular underwear. Follow our care instructions to keep your undies in tip-top shape.

    ( Q )

    How do I find the right Thinx Teen size?

    ( A )

    Thinx Teens™ fits true to size and is available in standard youth sizes 9-10 (S) through 15-16 (XL). Thinx Teens™ is specifically designed to fit teens and is narrower around the thigh. We recommend following the hip measurement to find the most accurate size for your teen. Be sure to measure your teens' hips at their widest point, derrière included!