How much blood do I lose on my period?

On average, you lose 2 to 7 teaspoons of menstrual fluid while on your period. That might seem like a lot, especially when you're changing your period products, but that's because menstrual fluid is made up of a bit more than just blood.

Menstrual fluid is actually a combination of blood and tissue from your uterine lining, which is also why you might notice clots or other textures that differ from a regular cut.

Every period is different

Some months, your period may only last a couple days, but will stick around a li'l longer for others. Your period might also be shorter or longer than your friends — it can be tough to compare your experience to anybody else's because all our bodies are unique, so you're better off figuring out what *your* normal looks like.

How much blood will I lose on my period?

You don’t lose a lot!

2 to 7 teaspoons isn’t a lot—grab a teaspoon from the kitchen and fill it with water to see for yourself!—but if you’re ever concerned that you’re losing too much menstrual fluid, check-in with your doctor to make sure everything is okay, or ask an adult to help you set up an appointment.

Wanna learn more? Check out this video where our friend, Arielle, talks about how much blood most people *actually* lose during their periods.

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